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Investments and the ESG factor

Planning the future means investing

Maintenance of assets and efficient remuneration: these are the objectives of the Group's financial investments, entrusted to the company Finrest, a 100% subsidiary of Camst.

Financial investments and ESG ratings
Camst group’s investment operations, managed by its subsidiary Finrest, have now been governed for almost a decade by regulations that ensure that their aims and procedures are clear and transparent: conservation of assets and an efficient return must be guaranteed through careful selection and diversification and constant monitoring of the multiple forms of financial risk, in order to prevent and mitigate it.
Since 2020, Finrest also launched a quantitative assessment of the investment portfolio’s level of sustainability impact, on the basis of the ESG ratings assigned by some of the market’s leading institutions.
As of 31 December 2021, it was possible to score 80.76% of the Camst Group's total investments for their sustainability impact (ESG) (amounting to € 78.8 million).
Ratings of 1 and 2 (the most virtuous, with low or moderate impact) were calculated for 27.48% of the total portfolio (against 20.79% at the end of 2020).

Technical investments
The technical investments made in 2021 by the Camst Group totalled € 11.2 million, of which € 8.2 million were made by the parent company. Despite the continuing pandemic, investments were resumed not only in the renovation of premises, but also in contractual obligations related to tenders awarded by the Group.

The Group's dynamism can also be seen indirectly in its investment strategies. The project Riusoo is a virtuous example of the circular economy and ESG compliance, which has enabled Camst to save more than € 1 million and promote sustainability.

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