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Stop to disposable cutlery in schools and companies

From the collaboration between Camst group and Guzzini comes the Better Future Kit, a case of stainless steel cutlery designed to encourage reuse in school and company canteens.

Camst and Guzzini together to ensure a better future for new generations by reducing waste and our impact on the planet. Better Future Kit, a complete set of stainless steel fork, knife and spoon, 100% made in Italy, that Camst will make available to schools and businesses, was conceived with this objective in mind: a concrete action to replace disposable plastic cutlery, involving and raising awareness of environmental issues among all users of catering services, called upon to do their part with a small daily gesture.

The kit is contained in a space-saving hard case made of bio-based material – i.e. bio-based renewable plastic derived from plant biomass waste and residues, ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certified – that bears the signature of Spalvieri & DelCiotto, Italian designers who have always been attentive to sustainability.

CAMST cutlery kit

In terms of impact, the adoption of the Better Future Kit will save tonnes of single-use plastic and consequently reduce the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere from the production of non-reusable cutlery.

In addition to providing the kits, Camst group will distribute communication material within the companies and schools to inform and actively involve adults and children, with the aim of making everyone understand the value of sustainability and the importance of everyone’s contribution, day after day.

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