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Resources and materials

Procurement and use of raw materials

Products’ origin, the health characteristics of raw materials and respect for the environment and animal welfare all go hand-in-hand with diversity and quality in foods prepared and served.

These purchasing choices reflect Camst’s commitment to supporting the local agricultural supply chain and its products of excellence, by emphasising the importance of the origin of products and raw materials. At the same time, they indicate how important it is for the Group to show respect for labour, the environment and diversity in its output, responding to consumers’ needs not only with regard to nutrition but also in relation to ethical and religious concerns (by offering vegan, vegetarian, halal and kosher options).

With regard to animal proteins, purchases of organic and antibiotic-free meat are increasing. Organic products, obtained without the use of chemical, synthetic and genetically modified organisms, come from farms that respect animal welfare. Those that are antibiotic-free offer the end consumer food produced without the use of antibiotics from the first weeks of the animal’s life up to slaughter, thanks to a more restrictive approach than that required by law.

With regard to non-food purchases, where possible Camst works with vendors which offer recycled packaging and it has introduced projects to reduce single-use materials, such as the Better Future Kit. Wherever possible, at its locations the Group has also continued to promote free beverages, with the self-service distribution of microfiltered natural and carbonated water, juices and natural drinks, carbonated soft drinks and fair trade drinks. This choice cuts the environmental impact of packaged drinks and CO2 emissions by reducing the use of plastic bottles and their transport by road.

Plastic-free tables with the Better Future Kit

In 2022, the collaboration between Camst and Guzzini led to the creation of the Better Future Kit: a complete set of fork, knife and spoon in Italian-made steel, placed in a bio-based plastic container, which Camst will make available to schools and businesses that join the project. This is an effective step in replacing disposable plastic cutlery, involving and raising the environmental awareness of all users of catering services, called upon to do their bit by a small change to their daily habits. Find out more and watch the interview with Domenico Guzzini, chairman of F.lli Guzzini S.p.A.

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