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Environmental sustainability

A great deal to be done, in very little time

The evidence for climate change is becoming stronger and stronger, even tragically so, as in May 2023 in Italy’s Romagna region and in many other places in Italy and abroad in the last 12 months. Policies for tackling this crisis mainly consist of mitigation and adaptation.
This is an uphill task, but we must not be discouraged. Great battles are only won one step at a time.

The Camst group’s environmental policy is based on the adoption of organisational and management tools that reduce the impact of its activities on the ecosystem, in line with a strategy focused on the environmental sustainability of the business model. This means that the whole Group is committed to operating on principles of environmental protection, covering four main areas, shown in the graph, known in the field as “materiality issues”.

First and foremost the responsible use of natural resources and the optimisation of energy consumption, but also good waste management and the gradual development of recycling practices in the move towards the circular economy. It is also important to contain and reduce environmental impacts, with regard to wastewater management, for example, as well as making the right choice of equipment, chemicals and plants, with the development of low-impact processes. It is – as chairman Francesco Malaguti states – a matter of implementing a radical cultural change. “And we will do,” he assures us, “despite the uncertainties of the market and the crises that affect us cyclically”.

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