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Capital soundness and social ownership

A more and more benefit-oriented model

For a company deeply rooted in cooperation, the words capital, assets and loan will always have a very high social value, reaching far beyond that enshrined in the legal framework.

For a cooperative, engagement with members – to ensure that they play a leading role – must be a constant commitment, embracing not only economic and corporate affairs but also aspects of cultural involvement and social responsibility.
2022 saw the return to in-person social activities (suspended for the previous two years due to the pandemic) with recreational, cultural and sporting activities (excursions and guided visits to places of artistic interest and exhibitions, rural walks and group dinners and lunches) as well as meetings to inform members about the cooperative’s budget and administration. 9 district assemblies were held in June 2022, followed by the general assembly on 1 June to approve the 2021 financial statements. Overall 2,901 members voted, including 2,653 worker and 248 equity members.
It should also be noted that 2022 saw the continuation, as always of income support for worker members, who received 129 formal loans (for a total amount of € 170,250) and also microcredit short-term loans totalling € 53,664.

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