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Educational projects

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Cooking every day for so many communities - whether social (schools, hospitals, residences) or corporate (businesses, inter-enterprise facilities) - is an investment of trust that requires mutuality and transparency.

School catering

Nourishing the body and mind, and an essential source of energy for proper growth, food is of particular importance for children’s development. Organisations like Camst, which work in school and university catering, must be fully aware of the importance of their role. Nourishing the coming generations is a big responsibility, because it means feeding the ideas, ambitions and future intentions of the citizens of tomorrow.
This is why we must go beyond the idea of just food itself, and promote a better informed approach, which will support young people as they grow.
Therefore, support for a good, sustainable food culture is an integral part of the school catering service, which Camst manages in close cooperation with the relevant organisations, involving multiple targets.
Camst Group continually organises meetings and information campaigns addressed to users, with the aid of experts such as food technologies, dietologists, nutritionists, etc. It also runs guided visits to its meal preparation centres, to enhance knowledge of the production chain. The dialogue with local authorities and parents is conducted with the aid of educational materials and scientific and institutional partners.
To facilitate dialogue, an app has also been designed and developed to enable the young users’ families to consult daily and weekly menus.
Then, in 2021, Camst decided to renew its mascot, Ivo, with a new, modern design. Ivo promotes educational activities with video clips that can be accessed from the school catering portal, panels set up in the refectories and placemats encouraging the preservation of the planet.

With regard to nutrition education, it is also worth remembering the educational and informative activities for all ages intended to combat food waste, including those run in partnership with Too Good to Go and Last Minute Market for the recovery of surpluses.

Hospital and care home catering

For hospital patients and the elderly, and all other vulnerable people, the right nutrition is fundamental for restoring and maintaining health, and is an integral part of the treatment process.
Therefore, the range of services developed by Camst for health care facilities is particularly wide and diversified: from meals produced on a refrigerated and fresh-hot basis to single and multi-portions packaged in modified atmosphere (shelf life of 15-25 days), which enable facilities to benefit from a wide assortment of products (the “food store”) every day, for use in a large number of personalised nutritional protocols and treatment programmes. Ready-meals are packaged in containers in Cpet, a food-approved polymer which can be recycled almost indefinitely within the plastic waste management system.
To guarantee solutions tailored to users’ needs, the information necessary for management of the service is integrated and optimised using digital tools and touch points: from menu consultation to digital booking, through to management tools for the creation of nutritional plans.

Corporate, intercompany and commercial catering
In a world of work that is changing fast – especially further to the outbreak of the pandemic – corporate catering also has to evolve to meet new needs. Starting from inputs from customers, Camst promotes lunch menus that embrace both tradition and exploration, local links and discovery, offering companies effective, safe, tailored solutions: from the design of low environmental impact locations to the sustainable choice of raw materials, through to modes of use designed to reduce waste.
Through the use of digital tools, users can access not only menus and all accompanying information about dishes (ingredients, allergens, nutritional inputs) but also innovative, customisable functions that enable a flexible experience in terms of modes of use, payment and times.
Among the innovations introduced in 2020, the development of which continued in 2021, was the refrigerated smart locker, which even during the pandemic allowed employees remaining in the office a safe lunch break. Under this alternative to the traditional canteen, meals are booked remotely and the lunch box is then collected from multi-compartment smart refrigerators with digital displays. Find out more

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