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Chairman’s letter

For us and our common future

In 2021 we started working together again. The pandemic, which had forced us apart, taught us how much we need each other. It taught us that work, above all, is based on strong social relationships.

A balance sheet is a snapshot of a year in the life of a company: behind the numbers, targets and the sustainability indicators, there are people. That is why we have chosen to tell our story through the looks, the gestures of understanding, the small moments in the everyday lives of our people and our clients. The story of the everyday life we have won back for ourselves.

The year 2020 was marked by the pandemic and its impact on people and work. While the health emergency kept us away from our workplaces, the ability to adapt to a new scenario, the resilience, dedication and sense of responsibility of our people enabled us to overcome this difficult period. 2021, however, was the year of our return to work. Not like before - of course - because of the new normal to which we are adapting. But our spaces are once again filled with life, sociability and work. And we were ready to come back.

We have returned to work and are continuing on the path we have followed for years, which step by step is being enriched with further awareness: it is now clear that acting sustainably is necessary. Sustainability is not a fad, a marketing tool or a sideline to a company's activities. Put simply, it is critical to our survival. That is why we are embracing a new concept of sustainable work. Our commitment, after all, has always been to maximise our positive impact on people and the environment.

Being sustainable means placing our actions, behaviour and development choices at the centre, focusing not only on short-term problems but also, and above all, on long-term issues. Today and tomorrow are inextricably linked to each other, and we cannot ignore the fact that what we do today will affect the future worldwide.

Sustainable companies have embraced this vision of development, with actions and projects focussing on creating concrete solutions for tomorrow now. We want to be such a company.

That is why one of the most challenging goals we have set ourselves is to bring about a radical cultural and organisational change in our Group, and contribute - concretely - to the collective awareness of our need to live and work sustainably. And we do so despite the uncertainties of the market and the crises that affect us cyclically.

We do it for us, and for the future we all share.

The Chairman Francesco Malaguti

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