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The commitment to climate change: energy and emissions

Monitoring and improvement

Our commitment to reducing energy use and emissions must never falter, even if – due to a series of factors, sometimes external and sometimes relating to processes which will only generate benefits in the long term – results fail to come up to expectations. Camst continues to monitor its energy use and aims to implement an ambitious decarbonisation plan.

The catering area – which obtained UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2018 energy certification in 2017 – constantly, accurately monitors its use of electricity and heat, inevitably considerable due not only to the work in the kitchens where meals are prepared but also to transport, mobility and other aspects of the company’s life.
If we analyse the values for 2022 as compared to those of the previous year, we find changes (+10% electricity, -4% natural gas, +3% fuels), which should be interpreted in the light of the restart and recovery of production in the post-pandemic phase. This increase in operations also led to the addition of new vehicles to the company fleet, generating the relative fuel consumption. On the other hand, 2022 saw the implementation of 22 energy efficiency improvement measures, resulting in a reduction in consumption of almost 667,000 kWhpe. The investments, which continued this year, involved the replacement of lighting fixtures with LED elements and the renewal of boilers, heat pumps and utility hot water generators.
For the second consecutive year, we have run the “Accendiamo il risparmio... energetico” (Turn on the energy saving) member and employee engagement project, with the aim of raising awareness of the need to conserve energy through the adoption of small daily behaviours in family life, in the choice of means of transport and in the workplace. In view of the success achieved, Camst has decided to continue the scheme in 2023. The parent company Camst has already been conducting an energy analysis for some time, and in 2022 this was also extended to Ristorazione Futura S.r.l., which handles the procurement, logistics and production of modified atmosphere products and thus plays a key role in the process of achieving better energy efficiency. The graphic shows the overall results of the 2022 energy analysis compared with the new baseline. Total consumption is calculated by adding together the primary energy of all sites within the perimeter considered.

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