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Relations with local communities

Valuing communities

Camst's commitment to its local area is expressed in its support for a myriad of initiatives in diverse and often seemingly distant areas, all of which have in common the high social value they hold for communities.

Camst is a cooperative company that generates value and distributes it to its territories, actively participating in the life of the communities in which it is present, in the awareness that putting resources, including economic resources, into circulation is the only way to grow together. Relationships with the territory are central, especially in times of difficulty: resources decline, but not the sense of corporate responsibility.
A large part of the Group's commitment in 2021 went to cultural initiatives, such as the Sotto le Stelle del Cinema festival promoted by the Cineteca di Bologna (an initiative that has become international over the years), as well as Gramsci Foundation and the Liberi dalle Mafie project.
Added to this are our contributions to scientific research, such as the funding of Fondazione Umberto Veronesi scholarships, including that of Dr Chiara Ruocco, who is working to define the effectiveness of special diets in modifying intestinal microbiota in animal models of both sexes affected by obesity and diabetes.
Sports also continue to be dear to the heart of Camst, which is a longstanding sponsor not only of its city’s football team – Bologna F.C. – but also of one of the most popular basketball clubs, Virtus.
Finally, in terms of sustainability, we must mention our partnership with ASviS (Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development) and the agreement with Bologna University to collaborate on strategic areas such as energy saving, the circular economy, recycling and reuse of processing waste, as well as the reconfirmation of historical partnerships such as our work with Last Minute Market to combat food waste.

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