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The economic value generated and distributed

To grow is to distribute

Determining each year how much wealth is produced and what impact its production has on stakeholders is an act of transparency, which helps us to become aware of the economic value generated and distributed across the territory.

By representing the value generated and distributed, we can quantify the creation of economic value and its distribution to the various internal and external stakeholders: members and employees, suppliers, public sector, local area and community.
The graph below presents a reinterpretation of Camst's consolidated income statement from the perspective of stakeholders, showing the impact that the Group produces. The value generated refers to net earnings, while the value distributed includes the costs reclassified by category of stakeholder and the dividends distributed to the members. The economic value retained, on the other hand, is the difference between the value generated and the value distributed, and amongst other things it includes the depreciation of the tangible and intangible assets, provisions, write-downs and prepaid and deferred taxes.

Since ours is a cooperative group, the economic value distributed to the Camst members and workers is particularly significant, especially in a year when economic results were seriously still affected by the pandemic.
Camst employees - both members and non-members - received 47.7% of the value generated, amounting to about € 305 million. This is a considerable amount, especially considering that this economic value alone does not express the entire financial effort of the Group. In the course of the 2021 financial year, in fact, sums were advanced to all employees for the Wage Integration Fund provided for by the Covid containment rules, which for the parent cooperative alone amounted to about € 7 million.
Also with regard to the value distributed to employees, € 6.2 million was paid out as a retirement incentive as part of the Group's restructuring process, so as to partly encourage generational turnover. This social investment did not end during the year in question, but was supported by an additional provision of € 500,000.
Finally, access to microcredit for employees was maintained in 2021, amounting to € 69,603 as of 31 December.

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