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The strategic plan

For our common future

Experience has taught us that great challenges can only be overcome in one way: together, one step at a time, day after day.

Over the course of the 2020 and 2021 financial years, we worked extensively on our new strategic plan: a platform of content and actions where we look for Camst's answers to the major changes taking place.

The guidelines and premises of the Camst Group's strategic plan are threefold: health, safety and well-being, territory and sustainability.

Health, safety and well-being means always prioritising the impacts of its products and services in the management of its business, in all areas of operations. This approach also implies the running of projects focusing on prevention, health education and the spreading of scientific knowledge. Occupational health and safety, together with prevention, are essential preconditions for the strategic plan, in order to support workers’ quality of life.

Community engagement is a core value for Camst, implemented through the distribution of its production operations across the country, the tailoring of products and services to the needs of individual final customers, and the promotion of traditional regional products and local specialities. Community also means strengthening the value of partnerships with universities and other organisations, and involvement in nutrition education, as well as support for cultural activities, sports clubs and charities.

Last but not least, playing a major role in a constantly changing scenario means commitments that generate shared value for all stakeholders – people, the community and the territory – while protecting the environment: for Camst, this is the meaning of sustainable development.

Evolving and updating the plan

Starting in June 2021, we started to review the assumptions of the plan, supported by independent experts and scholars, to improve our focus on the complex scenario in which we operate. In this second phase, working groups of managers and middle managers were set up across the company’s functions and territories, with two objectives: to supplement and develop certain sections of the document and to involve the operational levels in the widespread dissemination of the guidelines and actions defined in the plan itself. The working tables identified actions, levers and objectives in relation to five key factors for the organisation: alliances and partnerships, relationship with members, communications, the development of human resource and welfare policies, and environmental sustainability.

Next Generation Eu

Camst's strategic plan falls within the framework of the European Union's economic and sustainability policies, above all Next Generation EU, the economic and financial recovery plan aimed at reviving the economies of member states after the massive damage caused by the pandemic. To access NGEU funds, each state has had to draw up its own National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The proposals in the Italian NRRP, shown in the table, identify specific objectives and actions that focus on certain policies in Camst's target sectors.

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