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The strategic plan

The future as a common good

Entitled “Il futuro che scegliamo” (“The future we choose”), the plan which Camst approved in February 2021, even before the Italian government launched its NRRP, is an invitation to everyone, with no exclusions, to play a role in the development process.

2021 saw the approval of the Camst group Strategic Plan which sets out its policies for the development of its business in the long term. The 2021-2025 Plan was drawn up in order to respond to the economic and social changes arising initially from the pandemic and then from the geopolitical scenario which had serious repercussions during 2022. The plan was entitled “The future we choose” to emphasise Camst’s commitment to being a leading player in the coming years and in the growth path we have marked out for ourselves in the catering and facility sectors. Starting from an analysis of market trends, Camst group has aimed to identify the areas of socioeconomic development that will provide the context for its business and shape its path, focusing its commitment on three key areas: health, safety and wellbeing; community; sustainability.

With the intention of creating shared value for all stakeholders – people, communities, local areas and the environment – the Camst group Strategic Plan involves commitments with regard to health, sustainability and responsibility, which will guide its responses to a constantly changing scenario. Human capital will be the distinctive factor in the company’s growth and its fulfilment of the commitments contained in the Plan. Camst group has implemented a people strategy based on training, the development of its middle management and talent management.

Next Generation EU

Camst’s strategic plan falls within the framework of the European Union’s economic and sustainability policies, above all Next Generation EU, the economic and financial recovery plan aimed at reviving the economies of European member states after the massive damage caused by the pandemic. To access NGEU funds, each member state has had to draw up its own National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP). The proposals in the Italian NRRP, shown in the table, set out specific objectives and actions within which policies in Camst’s sectors of operation are central.

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