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Our people

A more and more inclusive, strongly female community

Our company community is evolving to prepare to tackle fresh daily challenges, thanks to the inputs of a vast number of people who contribute their hard work and determination every day.

A quick glance at the workforce is enough to understand that Camst group's is a predominantly female community. As of 31 December 2022, women accounted for no less than 84% of the company’s population. A striking figure, which however does not absolve the company from the need to run training and awareness-raising programmes to encourage gender equality and career development. These include its cooperation, for the third consecutive year, with Work Wide Women, an organisation which supports businesses by providing diversity management solutions. As well as these projects, the company also runs a welfare plan to assist employees who need to juggle family and work commitments, and other schemes. Another striking figure with regard to employment conditions and contracts is the sharp predominance of open-ended contracts and part-time working, which clearly distinguishes Camst from the catering and soft facility sector in general.

Diversity management

Every area human resources office provides considerable support to the communities within Camst operates, by responding to applications from people who need support in entering the world of work while seeking to give maximum continuity to existing relationships. This commitment was again confirmed in the 2022 figures for the employment of people with disabilities, with new hirings compensating a turnover which can be considered normal in this context. For more than 30 years Camst has partnered first and foremost associations and public sector bodies (local health trusts and local government first and foremost) in running social inclusion plans embracing not only what are known as disabilities but also vulnerable people from marginalised or disadvantaged backgrounds. To enable it to report this commitment in tangible terms, Camst has launched the procedure for the award of certification under ISO 30415, the international standard for the promotion of diversity (of age, gender, ethnicity, ability, religion, socioeconomic status, educational achievements, etc.) within organisations, on the basis of shared guidelines.

It's still a battle against gender-based violence

Our commitment to fighting violence against women is as strong as ever. In collaboration with DiRe (Women's Association Network Against Gender Violence), several activities have been implemented; in particular, paid training internships on the premises aimed at women who are guests of anti-violence centers engaged in pathways to building independence, a key step in escaping blackmail, including economic blackmail. By sharing guidelines and acting as coordinator to match posts with people, Camst offers placements suitable for the skills of women in difficulty.

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