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Water: sustainable use and circularity

Today’s actions, tomorrow’s resources

For the constant monitoring of water consumption – which at Camst is integral to food preparation procedures – the company has established a representative sample of production units and continually measures their parameters.

In Italy as elsewhere, the water supply crisis is starting to bite. According to the figures of the World Resources Institute (wri.org/aqueduct), most areas of the country have high levels of water stress, an indicator that measures the ratio between total water withdrawals (for household, industrial or agricultural purposes) and the quantities available, as surface or groundwater, in a given geographical area.
Realising this, Camst applies a water resource management policy that allows its use to be reduced, even though water is essential for catering area production processes and for facility management services, especially in the Soft Services area. In 2022 water withdrawals increased by 13%, from 909 mega litres in 2021 to the current 1,027, due to the growth in the scale of operations, but consumption decreased by 8.5% from 334 mega litres in 2021 to 315 in the year under consideration.

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