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The production chain: vendor responsibility and sustainability

For shared sustainability

Responsible management of the production chain is also based on the concept of partnership and the building of good relationships with vendors and all the other players involved. Without this collaboration, which is basically a sharing of objectives and procedures, any sustainability project would be doomed to failure, however good its intentions.
Because within a production chain, any unilateral action stops right where it began.

Procurement processes are based on contractual relations oriented towards full compliance with transparency and legality, with compliance with current regulations and company directives on quality, worker protection and environmental standards monitored by means of qualification questionnaires and audits. At the group level, and in particular for catering, procurement policies follow an approach based on safeguarding the environment, reflected in the choice of organic, fair trade and sustainable fishery (MSC – Marine Stewardship Council certified products, use of the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and the sourcing of food products with denomination of origin and local, short supply chains. Camst also uses Ecolabel detergents and compostable disposable accessories. 90% of the total volume of purchases in 2022 was sourced from vendors qualified under these requirements.

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