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Waste management

Prevent and recycle

Effective waste management aims not only to keep waste out of the environment but also to reduce the amounts and numbers of categories generated and the quantities of any hazardous substances.
So recycling alone is not enough; prevention is also required.

With the aim of speeding up the ongoing process of reducing waste generation, Camst has adopted a policy based on the following:
• Reduction of packaging at source where necessary by engaging vendors in joint projects in the mutual interest;
• Application – with regard to catering – of Law 166/2016, the “Gadda Law”, which enables the recovery of surpluses of highly perishable foods in excess of ordinary output for distribution to people in need.

Waste to Value

2023 saw the start of the Waste2Value circular economy project, set up to generate value from food waste by transforming it into a useful resource, funded by a call for projects issued by the Municipality of Castenaso (Bologna). In a scheme involving a shopping centre and various partners, waste is transferred to a composting plant and transformed into a soil conditioner, a natural fertiliser used for tending the centre’s green areas and vegetable plots run by local communities, to improve the soil’s physical characteristics and enhance its ability to absorb water and nutrients.

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